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     In a secret underground lab near Washington, D.C., Pink Pinkerton concocts a drug that can save humanity from itself. Intended as a better erectile dysfunction remedy, one that enlarges our imagination along with everything else, Pink's formula offers the bonus of taming our lizard brain, quieting the baneful appetites and fears that make millionaires of clever salesmen who make billionaires of their sociopathic clients.  These ruthless giants of capital understandably want Pink dead and his formula uninvented. Satire? Absolutely. Yet, so plausible, with characters so believable the narrative pulses with mystery and suspense. 
     Pink figures powerful corporations believe his miracle potion will ruin the world economy by making people so happy and enlightened they'll quit starting wars and spending money on things they don't need. After his beautiful lab partner, Gladys Alabi, disappears, he hits the road to find her and soon finds himself on the run from deadly mercenaries. Friends assisting him include a Secret Service agent and a former White House official. A chance alliance with an Internet hacker ring keeps Pink and his friends one step ahead of disaster as they seek to identify the enemy and rescue Gladys.

      A common theme in the book is power. Be it political, Big Pharma, or personal relationships. That and concern for the planet. Serious subjects, but made accessible by the author, in a way that somehow reminded me of George Burns, stepping out of the narrative and talking to the reader.
~ Roger W. Wright (at, co-author of I Am Your Neighbor: Voices from a Chicago Food Pantry.

      I enjoyed every minute of this page turner.
~ Mary K. Manuel (at


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in Washington getting you down?  Executive Pink will put you back in the pink!

Executive Pink, a light satire, consists of two weeks in the White House chief of staff's daily journal where he details his suspicions and agonizing doubts about what might be a plot inside the White House against the president's life. Meanwhile, the president, worried about her relentless skid in the polls, decides to invite a group of suspected assassins to the Rose Garden. Her plan is to have them arrested as they make their move, in the hope of winning back some of her lost popularity, which suffers from her refusal to take a stand on the controversial pharmaceutical, Primrose Lane, which greatly enhances orgasms in mature females.

timing is especially apropos in light of the growing disaffection for politics in our national psyche, as well as the recent introduction of the controversial pharmaceutical Lybrido, described as "the female Viagra".

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